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What the hell is SafeLedger?

It's a password manager. It's an offline, open source, easy to use software to keep the things you value organized. Our simple user interface let's you make changes or see your info quickly. You can add or delete profiles, wallets, and coins as needed. Download a copy today!

Our Shield Means Something!

Our team has been in technology for a long time but the SafeLedger brand is new. We make every effort to be open in our communications and instill trust. You can trust our code. It's open source and has been looked at by the experts. You can take a peek as well on Github. 

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What Is A Digital Paper Wallet?

SafeLedger takes a paper wallet, digital. Unlike tradition hardware wallets, this does not create a new wallet address. Instead, you use your existing wallet information to create a recovery and cold storage solution.

Can I Trust SafeLedger?

Absolutely! We own and operate in Tampa, Florida. We encrypt the data file using AES 256. Safeledger is designed to work without internet and as an extra security measure, we added a self destruct feature. We think SafeLedger is one of the best options on the market for cold storage and recovery.

Every Coin, Every Wallet. Really??

When you have the private keys you are able to back up the information on SafeLedger. Some wallets don't give you the private keys. That's ok! You can back up the log in credentials to those wallets. If you have coins on an exchange we recommend using SafeLedger to store your log in credentials and 2FA recovery info in the notes section.

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How Does SafeLedger Work?

We like to be very clear on what SafeLedger can do and why you would use SafeLedger. The software is designed to keep all your recovery information, offline, and encrypted. SafeLedger works with any hardware or software wallet. In order to maximize the security of your data, SafeLedger was designed to be used when your computer is not connected to the internet. This makes it one of the most flexible, secure, and easy to use cold storage solutions on the market.

Feature Highlight

Cold Storage

SafeLedger software makes cold storage easy to control. The simple user interface and built in search function provides an organized experience even when managing multiple profiles, wallets, and coins.

Ease of Use

Portability is a key component for SafeLedger. We want you to be able to use SafeLedger on the go and also store it wherever you think is best. The software is designed to work within the USB who no installation needed.

AES-256 Encryption

SafeLedger uses AES 256 encryption with Node.JS open source encryption engine. This is used by Microsoft and Google for encryption. We us it to protect the valuable data being stored on SafeLedger software.


From Windows to Mac and back without thinking too hard. All you do is open the file you need for the OS and all your wallet and coin information will follow you automagically.

Brute Force Defense

To help prevent brute force attacks we gave SafeLedger a self destruct feature. If the password is entered wrong too many times, the software will lock itself, erase your license and data files.

Easy Backups

We made the data file easy to save in multiple places. We also make it encrypted so you can feel safe doing so. We make it as quick as copy and paste so you can recover your data fast. We made back and recovery simple.

SafeLedger Promise
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